Monkeys in Chandigarh

Chandigarh. The terror of monkeys is increasing day by day in Chandigarh city. Monkeys are roaming freely in many places of the city. People are so upset with the monkeys that they are now pleading with the administration to find a solution for the monkeys.

The fury of monkeys in Punjab University

These days Chandigarhians are upset by the fury of monkeys, as such the the Punjab University students are also suffering because of these monkeys. The university had taken the help of langurs to scare away the monkeys, cages were sometimes installed and various other methods were used but these monkeys are not stopping the rampage.

The university administration has hired three people to drive away the monkeys. These three people are on duty in different areas of PU from 6 am to 6 pm to drive away the monkeys by making langur noises.

As per the sources, the students said that the monkeys have many times bitten the students and they also take away the clothes of many students from the hostels.

On this this take university administration said that after hiring specialized professionals, such incidents and the number of monkeys have been decreased.


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