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Chandigarh, India.

Recently Humari Baat took an interview of the well-known founder of Moody’s Photography and Productions. Let us have a look below to know more about this interview and Moody’s Photography and Productions.

Humari Baat News Service

When he was asked why he named the agency Moody? To which he replied that basically when he was in college, at that time, people used to call him Moody. When anyone starts up their work the first thought what comes is that what name can we give to our organization to make it catchy and unique and that is why this name clicked him. He liked the name too much and the best part is that anyone will not find anyone else with this name in the photography industry. This name is very rare. The plus factor is that ‘Moody’ relates to photography as well. Moody’s original name is Aashu.

Talking about his services Moody covers corporate events like ads, videos etc. of the builders, product photography, modelling photography and also into Indian and Abroad weddings. Moody have covered weddings in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Thailand and not the least in India we have done shoots in Kashmir, Indore, Jaipur and many more. Besides this the main work Moody is best known for “film camera weddings”. Film camera weddings mean that the cameras which Punjabi as well as Bollywood film industry uses in their film makings, Moody use the same cameras for weddings as well.

Moody Productions are the first one in North India to do 8K pre wedding shoot at Fairmont, Jaipur which has not happened ever before in the wedding industry. Talk about a Recent work, Sunanda Sharma’s song released called ‘Pagal Nahi Hona’, both of us were shooting there at the same time, both of us had the same teams, the only difference is that they were shooting for a song and Moody was shooting for a pre wedding. So, at this point of time our main focus is promoting film camera weddings, we do 6K, 8K and even upto 12K weddings.

Technically Review – Moody Productions

Moody uses Red camera, airy camera and again Moody is the first one in the North India to do a pre wedding shoot on airy camera. This is a Hollywood camera which was used to shoot Marvel Avengers End Game and we used this camera 5 years ago and we are still untouched, no one has tried using this camera in the wedding industry. Likely, Moody did a 6K Real Estate shoot which is also not done by anyone else till date.

Talking about Moody’s biggest or favourite project?

His most favorite one is the 8K pre wedding shoot for sure. There were approximately 20 to 25 people who were associated with this project including the cameraman team, the DOP (Director of Photography), the choreographer plus all the back-end team, assistant photographers etc. That was something beyond expectations which he has done so that will always be a favorite project of mine. Indeed yes, it was the biggest one too because the team travelled from Punjab to Jaipur. It was a 3 to 4 days project. We got some shots of the biggest fort, Amer fort there and some shots at Fairmont of course.

Moody’s First Project

To be very frank, the first project which he did was a free of cost portfolio shoot. People got to know from other people that there is this one photographer who does shoots and He got a very good response from Chandigarh and Ambala. So, he targeted all the youngsters and it was a very long journey from the day I used to do free port folios till today I have covered almost all the Real Estate here, big brands like Hyatt, HLP Social Square, Chandigarh City Centre and many more is a really big achievement for us.

Moody believes in creativity so he just doesn’t want to be a wedding photographer because he has even done some songs like ‘Facetime’ by Bhinda Aujla and have even produced it which came from ‘White Hill’ and another project was ‘Yaar Da Viah’ by Sachin Gujjar, that was my own production, we made the video and even produced it. The main part is that the projects he produces, he even acts in them. So Moody is not just a wedding photographer, he does songs, he produces and he even act.

Moody’s Main Objective

Currently Moody’s main goal is to be the biggest production house of Punjab in song making and even in film making. he has achieved 30% to 40%. Plus, he wanted to be the film camera wedding photography brand. He is walking on the path to achieve these two things. Last year, he has done 7 to 8 film camera weddings.

Celebs association

Moody Photography Celebs

Moody has worked with Diljit Dosanjh in ‘Shadaa’. The biggest project he has done in Chandigarh is with Mr. Mahesh Bhatt. He had organised a play in Chandigarh and he was a part of that event. Ankit Tiwari visited Chandigarh twice and he had done a project with him too. Then again Mahesh Bhatt with Chadrachur Singh who visited Elante Mall and that project was also done by him and his associate brand partners. He has worked with Badshah Bhai for his promotion. He has worked with almost everyone in the Punjab industry like Jaswinder Bhalla and many more. Coming to the cities Moody has worked in Indore, Delhi, Jaipur, Kashmir and countries like Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, we have covered.

Humari Baat Nut shell

The Engineering student turned Production house owner told everyone that people who are associated with them at ‘Moody’s Photography and Productions’ do things which are very creative, beyond expectations because Moody’s team there, love to play with technology and consider this as our key mantra. They are trying to give something unimaginable with a great quality in the wedding and film industry. Humari Baat recommends everyone to associate with them because Moody is trend setter in Photo Industry


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