NRDC rehearsals began

Chandigarh, India

Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra Committee Sector 7B started the rehearsals for staging Ramlila from August 9, 2022. The Ramayana was duly worshiped, after which Prasad was distributed. All the newly elected members of Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra Committee were present on this occasion.

Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra Committee

Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra elected the New Committee

It is to inform you that Navyug Ramlila and Dussehra Committee has elected its new committee members. This time Govind Kumar is appointed as the new president of NRDC while Deepak Kumar is the new Vice President. General Secretary of the new committee is Naveen Kumar and Director of the Artistry is Pardeep Rawat. Assistant Director of the committee is Vikas Sood. While the accountant of the society is Harmesh Bal. Other important members of executive body are Kailash Chandra, Puneet and many more. They took the blessings of the almighty and began the rehearsals.


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