Chandigarh. Due to Corona epidemic, thousands of patients are facing problems due to closure of OPDs as well as surgeries of hospitals. Keeping their problem in mind, the health department has decided to start OPD and do elective surgery while the infection rate is low. Health Director Dr. Amandeep Kang told that if the infection rate remains below 100 during the next 1 week, then the operation of other OPDs like eyes, teeth, skin will be started as before. Apart from this, a limited number of general surgery patients will be called. With this, treatment can be provided to Kovid- as well as non-Covid patients. By doing minor surgery by the health department, patients suffering from common diseases will get relief. Under this, procedures like removal of rods will be started in patients of stone, hernia, tumor and bone related operations so that patients who have been waiting for months can get relief. Under this, surgery will be done in GMSH-16 as well as in Civil Hospital of Manimajra and Sector 22, following the standards of prevention of corona patients.


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