In Punjab, the high command is seeking assurance of victory from Captain Amarinder Singh by adorning a crown on Navjot Singh Sidhu’s head. It has become clear from the statement of Punjab in-charge Harish Rawat that the Captain is still as important to the central leadership of the Congress as it was before.
Sidhu is walking with the crown of presidency on his head, while Captain remains in power in Punjab as the Sartaj of Punjab. Captain Amarinder Singh attended Sidhu’s coronation only as a ritual. The hearts of both the leaders did not meet, it became clear on the stage itself.
Even though the Captain did not openly say anything on the stage, but made it clear that taking the command of Punjab in hand is not an easy task. Navjot Singh Sidhu will have to shoulder all the responsibilities that Amarinder Singh had carried on his shoulders till now.
It is a matter of security of the entire nation, about which he is concerned about the whole country. After Priyanka Gandhi’s phone call on Thursday, the captain came to Sidhu’s coronation ceremony on Friday, but first called Sidhu to Punjab Bhavan for tea. In such a situation, he also respected the high command and ran his own.


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