The Panjab University in Chandigarh has not been able to get land in five years to set up its western campus. Due to this, neither the students will get research block nor hostel. Foreign students were to be kept in this campus for studies, but this dream also remained unfulfilled. PU is waiting that the administration will give 135 acres of land according to the master plan, because as promised, the administration has already given 50 acres of land to PGI. Now it’s PU’s turn. However, the PU will have to pay the amount for this.
This is how the plan was prepared
In 2013, the Master Plan 2030 was being prepared by the Chandigarh Administration. In this plan, PU asked for 135 acres of land and it was given as per the plan. This land should have been handed over by the Chandigarh Administration to the PU at the same time, but due to lack of money, it was not done while the land for the educational institution was to be given free of cost. PU had a similar shortage of money.
Two years later, PGI also needed space for its new campus and in 2015, 50 acres out of 135 acres of PU land was cut and given to PGI. It is said that PGI had received money from the Center for this land, which was paid. Now 85 acres of land remained in the account of PU. For this land also, PU wants that the central government should give money, because from salary to many items, PU gets funds from the center.


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