Saketri Slum burnt

In the scorching heat, a terrible fire spread in the slums of Saketri, Panchkula.

Saketri Slums Burnt to Ashes

Panchkula, June 13: A massive fire broke out at around 12.30 pm on Saturday afternoon in the slums built-in village Saketri. It is about 3 km away from Shri Mata Mansa Devi Temple, Panchkula. The fire brigade team of Panchkula administration reached the spot with a firearm after the call from the residents regarding the fire. After half an hour of effort from the fire brigade, the fire was controlled. But the two slums located there were completely burnt to ashes, it is being told that in the burnt slums, along with the necessary household items, some cash, and a motorcycle were also completely burnt. Detectable but strong winds and high temperatures are said to be the main reason for the rapid spread of fire. No one is killed in the fire.


It is now the responsibility of the Panchkula Administration that they should help the people from the slum region given a new home and necessary cash. It is evident that such calamities have now become a natural trend so Govt should train professionals in such a way that they become fast and efficient.


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