Sangathan 2023 at Amity University Punjab

Sangathan 2023 in Amity Mohali is an inter-Amity Sports Fest that was held in the presence of the Vice Chancellor of Amity University Punjab Dr. RK Kohli. It graced the achievements of the faculty, staff, and student winners who staked victory in this Sports Fest.


November 23, 2023, Mohali, Punjab, India: Amity University Punjab proudly marked the culmination of Sangathan 2023, a month-long inter-Amity sports fest, in a spectacular event held today. The ceremony featured esteemed guests, including the Respected Vice Chancellor, Dr. R. K. Kohli, and Registrar, Dr. Dalip Kumar, who inspired students to embrace sports and prioritize fitness in their lives.

Vice Chancellor of Amity University Punjab Dr. RK Kohli

Throughout the month, students engaged in spirited competition across various indoor and outdoor sports categories, showcasing their skills and sportsmanship. Today’s event served as a platform to honor the achievements of the faculty, staff, and student winners who excelled in these competitions.

Dr. R. K. Kohli, Vice Chancellor of Amity University Punjab, emphasized the importance of sports in holistic development, encouraging students to integrate physical activity into their daily routines. Dr. Dalip Kumar, Registrar, commended the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by participants during the sports fest.

The celebration continued with a lively bhangra performance by talented Amity University Punjab students, infusing the atmosphere with energy and joy. The festivities reached a sweet conclusion with a cake-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the unity and success achieved during Sangathan 2023.

Sangathan 2023 not only showcased the athletic prowess of the university’s community but also underscored the institution’s commitment to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among its students.


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