Bad Lane in Sector 7 Chandigarh

The budget cuts will also have an impact on the next financial year. The budget that will be received for the financial year 2021-22 will be determined keeping in view the money left after the deduction. The budget will be estimated directly by reducing one thousand crore rupees. Which will also affect the development work of next year. There will be difficulty in initiating new tasks. This year was spent on fighting Corona. Due to this pandemic, non-essential expenses and new projects have been banned. The reason for this ban was the reduction of 20 percent budget of the year. About one thousand crore rupees were cut. Explain that in this financial year 2020-21, Chandigarh got a total budget of Rs 5138 crore. Of which, per quarter the central government had fixed the budget cap by five percent and ordered not to spend it. Having a cap of 20 per cent in four quarters reduced by about Rs 1027 crore.

5600 crores required for next year

This time Chandigarh received Rs 5138 crore. 4643 crore was received under the revenue head and Rs 494 crore was received in the capital head. Chandigarh did not get anything this time in the revised budget estimate. The reason for this was not being able to spend the first budget. For the financial year 2021-22, the UT administration has sought Rs 5670 crore from the central government. However, according to the demand, the budget is rarely available. It is determined only by looking at the previous budget. It is increased by five to ten percent. But this time, if the calculation happens after looking at the cut, then a big cut will be taken next year. In 2015 also, the budget has been cut by 225 crores. The following year, the budget was set in view of this deduction.

Only old projects can be completed

Work has been affected by budget cuts this year. It will be difficult to start any major project next year. Only the old projects will be completed. Budgets are needed on a large scale for public transport and engineering. Projects ranging from purchasing electric buses to intelligent transport systems are also in limbo.

Chandigarh has already been facing chaos of bad infrastructure it is evident that Chandigarh Admin or MP will blame Coronavirus for this but public knows that Chandigarh is not able to get enough budget from last 6 years. Who is responsible for this?


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