Indian Farmers protest

Humari Baat Feels that the government should rethink this issue from scratch. Government Should realize that the farmers are not interested in accepting the bill. This bill really has many points that can easily raise many questions and arguments. Team Humari Baat fully advocates and supports the farmers. But Farmers should plan this protest with full security. It should not happen that some people make the benefit of this movement to the parties with bad intentions. Doing so will change the main objective of this movement.

Politicizing the Farmers Protest is maligning Indian Politics. Right after the passing of Farmers Bill 2020, the controversies related to the matter are increasing day by day. The government held the fourth round of talks with farmers agitating against agricultural laws on Thursday. The meeting lasted for seven hours. After the meeting, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar assured the farmers that the Minimum Support Prize (MSP) would not be touched. There will be no change in it. He explained that the provisions of the Act provide protection to farmers. No one can read and write their land.

However, the farmers remained adamant about their demand. the farmers said that this protest has been led to take back the newly passed farmers bill. The issue is not only the MSP but the withdrawal of the bill completely. Indian Farmers Union spokesman Rakesh Tikait said that not only on just one but many issues should be discussed. The fifth round of meeting between the Center government and the farmers will now be held on the 5th of December.

What are the issues that were discussed in the 4th meeting?

The Farmers talked about various issues in the meeting. The foremost issue is the MSP i.e. minimum support price. The farmers also questioned that will the APMC i.e. Agriculture Produce Market Committee be over? The third and fourth issues were related to trade outside the mandi as such for trading outside the market, no one will collect the PAN card and it will not be taxed. Another major issue is related to the “SDM Court”. Any dispute should not go to the SDM court, since it is a small court. The farmers feel that the new law will enable big people to acquire the land of small farmers. The farmers also opposed the amended electricity bill and the punishment for burning stubble.

4th meeting Farmers and Narender Tomar

On this Government replied to every question. ON MSP, the government replied the MSP was up and running and will continue to operate in the future. The government answered on private mandis that private mandis will come, but we will also strengthen APMC. The government further promised that it will make the registration of the trader necessary and assured that it will think to make the same taxation policies for both APMC and private mandis. The Government also accepted to think on the right of a farmer to raise any issue in upper courts. On Acquisition, Tomar assured the security of all the farmers and will think of solving the issues related to electricity bills and the punishment for burning stubble.

Even on this Farmers are not satisfied they will raise more issues in 5th meeting. Political wars are in full aggression. Former Punjab CM and Akali Dal leader Prakash Singh Badal (92) has returned the Padma Vibhushan in support of the farmers. Badal received this award in 2015. Badal’s party, the Shiromani Akali Dal, had been with the NDA for 22 years but broke away from the coalition in September to protest against agricultural laws. Earlier on September 17, Harsimrat Kaur Badal also resigned from the Modi cabinet. Meanwhile, Shiromani Akali Dal (Democratic) chief and Rajya Sabha MP Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa has also announced the return of the Padma Bhushan Award.

Amarinder said in the meeting with Shah – Find a solution soon, affecting the security of the country

indian farmers protest 2020

On the other hand, after meeting Home Minister Amit Shah, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh said that he has appealed to the Home Minister to find solutions to the problems of farmers at the earliest. The economy of Punjab and the security of the country are being affected by this issue. He has also appealed to the farmers to resolve the matter soon. The Punjab CMO said that Amarinder insisted on protecting the MSP by continuing the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) based mandi system. Appealed to the Home Minister to listen to the farmers with an open heart and resolve the dispute soon, so that the farmers can return to their homes.

On Wednesday, farmers held meetings 5 ​​times a day and the government twice. Farmers prepared a 10-page document of objections to agricultural laws. Meanwhile, UP’s farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, who reached the Kundli Border, also held a meeting with organizations in Punjab on Wednesday. At the press conference, Chairman of Revolutionary Farmers Union, Darshan Pal said that the government should call a special session of Parliament to abolish the laws. He said that there will be demonstrations across the country on 5th December.


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