On Shambhu border farmers are sitting started construction of a ‘Pucca Shed’ on the border on Wednesday due to heat and rain. The peasants even brought in cement sheets for this. Work for Pucca shed was over 80 percent and it was reported to the police. Police went to the the spot at around 9 o’clock in the night and ordered the farmers to stop the construction of the shed.
But the farmers clearly refused. Suresh Kumar, in-charge of Sadar police station, reached the spot and explained a lot to the farmers but they did not agree. Bhakiyu district spokesperson Amarjeet said that the construction of the shed will not stop and the protest will continue till the agricultural laws are withdrawn. At the same time, the police will now take further action on this matter on Friday morning. Earlier the situation on the border became tensed due to the arrival of the police. However, the police and the farmers had patient. By the time the news was written, the shed was ready. Now if the police break it, a big controversy can escalate.
It is worth mentioning that the Shambhu border is sitting on the border of Punjab and Haryana and farmers have been protesting here since November last year. Everyday farmers of various villages come and sit here. Whereas a women’s unit has also been formed by the farmers here. In this unit, women farmers also come and sit with the farmers here. Since summer and rainy season has come. In view of this, farmers have started construction of pucca sheds here. The controversy about which seems to be increasing.


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