The doors of Badrinath opened amidst drizzling rain…the temple echoed with the cheers of Badri Vishal.

The doors of Bhu Baikunth Badrinath Dham have been opened for the devotees today with full rituals. When the doors opened amid drizzling rain, the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and faith of the devotees was seen at its peak. As soon as the doors opened, Dham echoed with the cheers of Jai Badri Vishal. The melodious tune of army band and drums and the praise of Lord Badri Vishal along with traditional music and dance of local women enthralled the devotees.

There is a huge crowd of pilgrims from the Yatra halts to the Dham. About ten thousand devotees reached the Dham on the occasion of opening of doors. There is still a long queue on the way to reach the Dham. In such a situation, about 20 thousand pilgrims are expected to reach Badrinath by evening to have darshan of Akhand Jyoti.

Before Badrinath Dham, the doors of Yamunotri, Gangotri and Kedarnath temples were opened on May 10. At the same time, with the opening of the doors of Badrinath Dham, the journey to the four Dhams has started.With the help of Shri Badrinath Pushp Seva Samiti, Rishikesh, the Dham from Aastha Path has been decorated with 15 quintals of orchids and marigold flowers. The ancient monasteries and temples located in the Dham have also been decorated.

These traditions were completed before the doors opened

  • Four in the morning – Entry of Lord Kuber from the south gate of Badrivishal.
  • 5 am to 5.30 am – Entry of distinguished persons into the temple from gate number three.
  • 5.40 am- Rawalji, Dharmadhikari and Vedapathis enter the temple along with Uddhavji.
  • 5.45 am – Door worship by Rawal and Dharmadhikari.
  • 6 am – The doors of Badrinath Dham open for devotees.

BKTC media in-charge Dr Harish Gaur said, the district administration has decided to keep Badrinath Dham polythene free this time. Hotels and other businessmen in Dhams and halts have been given strict instructions not to use polythene.


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