Corbett National Park

December 7, 2023, Ramnagar: A woman from Patrani Village near Ramnagar was found dead with half her body eaten by a Tiger.

As reported by the local villagers, A woman from a Patrani Village near Ramnagar has again been attacked by a tiger. It is being told that the woman’s name is Anita and her age is 32 years, her husband Ramesh Ram works in a hotel and the woman has 5 children.

Anita had gone to the forest with two other women in the afternoon to collect fodder. In the same forest, the woman became the prey of a tiger, and two women who had gone to the forest with Anita quickly came to their village and informed their family that Anita had been attacked by a tiger and Anita could not be found. Went to search. And informed the forest staff, the family members along with the forest staff went into the forest to search for the woman. Around 6-7 pm, the woman’s body was found in a very bad condition in the forest, half of her body had been eaten by the tiger.

After the body was found, it was sent to Ramnagar Hospital for post-mortem. After this accident, there is mourning in the family and fear has settled in the minds of the villagers.


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