Aadhar like a Permanent number for all Uttarakhand Students

December 6, 2023, Dehradun; Now a permanent education number will be allocated to school students in Uttarakhand. It will be very much like Aadhar. As of now Students studying in class nine and class 11 have to register in a school. However, after the UDISE portal is updated, a permanent education number will be issued to the students from class one itself that will be valid till class 12th.

It is done to secure the students and counter fake or fraudulent registrations. In the future, no school will be able to issue wrong or fake TCs to children. For this, the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE) portal is being updated by the Central Government. After that, a Permanent Education Number (PEN) will be issued to school children from classes 1 to 12 on the lines of Aadhaar. TC will be issued to children from this number.

Data of not only children but also schools and teachers will have to be made available in the portal. The number will be issued to the students after the school data is uploaded. For students who are studying in class 3 or 6, PEN will be issued from the same class till 12th.
After uploading the data of teachers in the portal, a teacher will be able to teach in only one school. Whereas, all the information related to the students will be uploaded by the school itself on this portal.

At present, students have to register first in class nine and then in class 11th. If a Permanent Education Number is obtained then the student will be registered only once whose number will be valid till the 12th. After the Central Government releases the guidelines, work in this direction will be started by the Board.

The UDAY portal is being updated by the Central Government. After the updating of the portal, the data of teachers and students of all schools will be easily available in one click. This will also stop TC fraud. Soon work on this will be started across the state also.


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