little Angel Twinkle Sharma

“Murderers should be killed in the same ways” is the voice of public.

The story of public’s anger on brutal murders and rape was witnessed for the first time when Jessica was murdered. Entire nation demanded capital punishment for the culprits at the time of raping and brutal killing of “Nirbhya”. For the first time women safety had become one of the primary issues to be resolved on top priority. Because of no strong actions, the population of these retard people has risen. Government did fine amendments in the law. Even then these culprits dared to do evil acts in the temple. These types of crime has been increasing day by day. Now, A sweet angel “Twinkle Sharma” has become the victim. I as a writer, is not able to express the brutality by the sons of devil called Aslam and Zahid. Mother of victim has confirmed that it was done because of her father not able to return Rs. 10000/- to Zahid. Parents have demanded swear punishment for them from UP Government.

Social media is demanding Capital Punishment and trolling media and Bollywood celebs for not speaking against the culprits from Muslim community

Social media is 360 degree furious on this and they are asking for immediate capital punishment for the culprits her are few tweets

The guy has even blamed UP CM Yogi Adityanath

People have strongly blamed Bollywood, Media for not coming in support of Hindu Minor Victim

While few actors like Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar fully supported Twinkle while Sonam Kapoor was trolled for her biased statement in the crime.

I as a human fully agree that crime has no caste but I too agree on the point that many celebs in reality spread hatred partiality for sake of opinion because these stars are at public platforms If they will put such statements they will come under scrutiny by the audience. At last their career will suffer.

Humari Baat urges court to give a strong punishment to both Aslam and Zahid. The punishment should be so strict that a person should think 100 times before committing such kind of hideous crime and also there should be no person who could tweet like this in future.


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