Etawah : In Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, a young man has made serious allegations against a police officer. The youth said that the officers took him to the police station with a pistol on his forehead in a crowded market and took him there and beat him up. He said that his bike had a minor collision with the officer Chakarnagar Darvesh Kumar. On this matter, the CO took him to the police station with a pistol on his forehead and got him beaten up by the policemen. The victim student gave a complaint letter to the Senior Superintendent of Police, Etawah, but no action has been taken so far even after 5 days have passed.

The victim student is a resident of Motijheel Colony of Civil Line police station area of ​​Etawah. His name is Vimal Kumar who is a B.Sc 3rd year student. Vimal Kumar alleges that on June 15, 2021, he was going to take paneer on a bike at Bharthana intersection of Friends Colony police station area. At the same time, he had a minor collision with the private vehicle of Chakarnagar Circle Officer Darvesh Kumar. Angered by this, CO Chakarnagar Darvesh Kumar got down from his car in anger and took out his government pistol and put it in the youth’s forehead.

Vimal told that the officers forced him to sit in the car and took him to the Civil Lines police station where he was thrashed with the help of soldiers and inspectors. In this regard, the aggrieved student Vimal Kumar also gave a complaint letter to SSP Etawah Dr Brijesh Kumar Singh but no action was taken on him. In the case, the eyewitness present on the spot has informed that the car had hit Vimal’s bike from behind and the CO came out of the car and took the youth to the police station by putting a pistol on his forehead.


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