A major accident took place in Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, at 12 o’clock on Friday night. The wedding pandal was uprooted in the strong storm caused by the Yas storm. Amid this storm , the iron pipes came in contact with the high tension line passing above and became the cause of the electric current . The current caused the death of 4 Baratis who burnt to death and 3 are in critical condition. The incident happened while breakfast. The police has taken the bodies and sent them for post- mortem.

The incident happened in Hanumanpur village of Kamalapur area. Marriage of Nidhi Pal and Vikas was happening. The procession reach on Friday night and the function of Dwarachar was going on . Suddenly the storms started and the Baratis and Janatis tried to stop pandal from falling by holding the iron pipes. The pipe came in contact with the high tension line . This caused the incident .


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