Along with illegally settling Rohingya in UP, Rohingya women are also being smuggled. Many women have been sent to Malaysia on Indian passports. The ATS has arrested four Rohingyas, including the kingpin Hafiz Shafiq, who is operating this network from Meerut.

Chandigarh : Along with illegal settlement of Rohingya in Uttar Pradesh, Rohingya women are also being smuggled. Many Rohingya women have been sent to Malaysia by plane after getting Indian passports made. The Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) has arrested four Rohingyas, including the mastermind Hafiz Shafiq, operating this network from Meerut, which has revealed many more shocking facts during the interrogation.

ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar says that in the investigation so far, it has been confirmed that three Rohingya women have been sent to Malaysia. The investigation has also been intensified for those who provided Indian passport, Aadhar card, voter ID card and other government documents to Rohingya through fake documents here.

According to IG ATS GK Goswami, originally residents of Myanmar Hafiz Shafiq alias Shabiullah, Azizur Rahman alias Aziz, his brother Mufizur Rahman alias Mufeez and Mu. Ismail have been arrested. Among them Hafiz was caught from Meerut. He was living in Alipur village of Kharkhaud police station area of ​​Meerut. Apart from this, Mufizur Rahman has been arrested from Aligarh and Azizur Rahman and Mu. Ismail from Khurja of Bulandshahr.Three mobile phones, three UNHCR cards, one Aadhaar card, one laptop, two passport photocopies and other documents have been recovered from the possession of the accused.

ADG Law and Order Prashant Kumar told in a press conference on Friday that Rohingyas are continuously being brought into the state through Bangladesh border and resettled here by changing their identity with the help of fake documents. It is feared that more than 1800 Rohingyas have been illegally brought into the state. Rohingyas from Bangladesh refugee camps are also being brought on contract to different cities of the state.

It was revealed in the investigation that Hafiz is an important link of this gang in the state. After bringing the Rohingyas here, the gang gives them jobs in commercial establishments and collects a large part of their salary as commission. Many Rohingyas have been sent abroad by getting Indian passports made of fake documents.

It is noteworthy that the ATS had arrested two Rohingyas from Aligarh a day earlier. So far 17 Rohingyas have been arrested in the state in the last one year. Officials claim that this is the largest number of Rohingya arrests for any state.

ADG law and order Prashant Kumar says that Rohingya gangs are smuggling gold along with human trafficking. Gang members are also transacting huge amount through hawala. Evidence for this has also been found. Indian passports, voter ID cards and birth certificates of many Rohingyas have also been found from Hafiz.The investigation in this direction has also been intensified. Hafiz had made his hideout in the state for about two years and was living in Meerut for about one and a half years. Earlier he had also gone to Hyderabad. Hafiz has got his passport made and has also traveled abroad.

In Uttar Pradesh, where Rohingya women are being married by changing their identity, Rohingya men are also marrying Indian women. Behind this, the big game of changing the population ratio by establishing Rohgya as a citizen of the country cannot be denied.The establishment of Rohingyas as Indian citizens through fake identity cards is also posing major threats to internal security. The police and the intelligence system have also increased their activism regarding this.


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