People going to immerse idols in Chhattisgarh were crushed by a car. One person died on the spot in the accident and 16 others have been admitted to the hospital. It is being told that this car was filled with ganja. A video of this incident is going viral on social media. If this video is true then the death toll could be higher.

Information about a horrific accident has come to light in Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. Here a car ran over some people going for Durga immersion. One death and 16 people have been reported injured in the accident. The condition of two of the injured is said to be serious. After the accident, the mob chased and stopped the car and thrashed the driver. After this the mob also set the car on fire. It is being told that a large quantity of ganja was filled in the car.

According to news agency ANI, Block Medical Officer James Minz told that a speeding car crushed the people going to immerse the Durga idol in Pathalgaon. One body has been brought to the hospital and 16 others have been admitted. He said that after getting X-rays of two people injured in the accident, information about fractures has come to the fore, after which both have been referred to other hospitals.

The incident happened around 1.30 pm on Friday. In Pathasgaon some people were going towards the river to immerse the idols of seven Durga pandals. During this, a speeding car went out crushing these people. According to the information, other people present there chased the car and caught it at Sukhrapara, about five km away. People thrashed the car driver and set the car full of ganja on fire.

Angry people gheraoed the Pathalgaon police station and placed the dead body on the Gumla-Katni National Highway. In view of the situation, police force has been deployed in the area. According to media reports, people say that an ASI is involved in smuggling ganja. The car driver was a smuggler in connivance with the ASI. It was not known how much ganja was in the car. People have demanded action against ASI.


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