47 feet tall effigy of Ravana burnt in Jind, burnt effigy of demon Corona in Mahendragarh, see photos of different cities in Haryana

Dussehra, a festival symbolizing the victory of good over evil, was celebrated with pomp in Haryana. The effigies of Ravana Meghnath Kumbhkaran were burnt in almost all the cities of the state. A 47-foot effigy of Ravana was burnt in Jind. Along with this, 40 40 feet effigies of Meghnath and Kumbhakaran were burnt. Along with Ravana Meghnath Kumbhkaran, the demon Coron was also burnt in Mahendragarh. Crowds of people gathered in the fairs organized on Dussehra in the cities. In Jhajjar, Rajya Sabha MP Deependra Hooda burns the effigy of Ravana by firing a fireball along with Shri Ram Patra.

The stature of Lankapati and his family has become smaller due to Corona and inflation. Whereas in Sonipat, where earlier 55 feet high effigies of Ravana and his family were burnt, now their height has reduced to just 25 feet. In Kami Road, Sector-15 and New Anaj Mandi, effigies of 45 to 55 feet were made and burnt before the corona period.


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