Baba Ramdev is being overshadowed by the mocking of doctors. In Babri Ramdev in the city Kotwali Dehradun, Youth Congress workers have today demanded a prosecution under the leadership of State General Secretary Sandeep Chamoli and prosecuted under treason.

In the Tahrir given to the city Kotwali in-charge, it has been said that the country is fighting its life with this disaster of Corona disease today. Our frontline workers are working day and night to get rid of this disease to the public by giving up their entire sacrifice. The way our doctors are trying to save every life, regardless of their life, is definitely worth it.

It is said that Baba Ramdev, the founder of Haridwar Patanjali Yogpeeth, has been persistently contesting the wrong statement against the system of allopathy, although millions of people are being saved by treating allopathic doctors on one side of the country. Doctors have also been awarded the Frontline Corona Warriors by the Government of India.

But apart from this, due to the statements made by Baba Ramdev, a confusion is being created in the country and efforts are being made to spoil the atmosphere of the country. In another video, he says that no one can arrest me. This is an open challenge to sheer law. Doctors of the country and Uttarakhand are greatly hurt by such statements. This statement made by Baba Ramdev is not at all justifiable in the interest of the country at the time of this pandemic, and this kind of false rhetoric can also adversely affect the morale of our doctors. ‘

Therefore, the Uttarakhand Youth Congress requests you to take immediate action against Baba Ramdev under the National Security Act and arrest him immediately, so that the environment of the country can be saved from further deterioration. Amongst those who gave the Tahrir were the people of the state, Navneet Kukreti, State Secretary Kamal Kant, National Convenor NSUI Vikas Negi, State Secretary NSUI Abhay Katura etc.


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