Tension prevails in the area after this incident of murder in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. After this incident, the police are conducting raids for the arrest of the accused along with camping in the area as a precaution.

Muzaffarpur : In Muzaffarpur, Bihar, a case of ruthless murder of a lover youth has come to light in a love affair. The youth was brutally beaten to death with sticks and iron rods, along with the private part was also cut. The incident is from Repura Rampursah and Sonvarsha village of Kanti police station area of ​​the district. After carrying out this incident of murder, all the accused escaped leaving the house with the whole family. After this, the agitated people cremated the deceased at the door of the accused. As soon as the information about the matter was received, the police has also started investigating. While a large number of police forces have been deployed in view of the tension in the area.

According to the information, Saurabh, son of Repura resident Manish Kumar, was having a love affair with a girl from Sonvarsha village for a year. This relationship was not acceptable to the girl’s family members. A few months back also Saurabh was thrashed by the girl’s family members and Panchayati also took place. Because of this, Saurabh’s father had sent him out, but after this Saurabh came to the village for his sister’s wedding. On Friday evening, Saurabh suddenly reached the girl’s house to meet her. On this matter the family members of the girl got furious. The family members of the girl thrashed Saurabh fiercely with sticks and rods, due to which he became unconscious. After this, the accused also cut off Saurabh’s private part and admitted him to a private hospital where he died during treatment.

The father and uncle of the deceased told that Saurabh was called and murdered under a well-planned conspiracy. According to him, after the murder of the son, the accused called the father Manish Kumar to his house and on the strength of the weapon got him to write on a plain paper that if the son made a mistake, he had been beaten up and was being taken to the hospital in a living condition. According to him, the girl’s uncle Prashant Kumar killed Saurabh. After Saurabh’s death on Saturday, a storm erupted. The relatives informed the Kanti police station. Police reached the spot and started investigation. After the incident, the accused entire family is absconding after locking the house.

There was uproar after the body of the deceased reached home. There was screaming in the whole village.

The mob attacked the house of the accused but the police stationed there stopped the mob. In the end, the angry villagers cremated the deceased at the door of the accused.There is a lot of tension in the area regarding this murder. In view of this, a large number of police forces have been deployed. Nearby Karja, Panapur OP, Bramhapura and Sadar police stations including Kanti have been alerted. City SP Rajesh Kumar said that a case has been registered on the statement of the relatives of the deceased. The facts will come out on the basis of the post-mortem report. At present, the police are conducting raids to arrest the accused.


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