A case of murder has come to light in Ludhiana, Punjab. The deceased could not be identified. The body was found buried under stones in an empty plot. Ludhiana Police is engaged in the investigation of the case.

Sensation spread in Ludhiana’s Tibba Road area on Tuesday morning when the body of a youth was found buried under stones in an empty plot. The incident took place near the office of Aam Aadmi Party’s Eastern constituency candidate Daljit Singh Grewal Bhola. Nobody knew anything.

When passersby saw the body on Tuesday morning, they immediately informed the police. After getting the information, the forensic teams along with the police of police station and Tibba police station also reached there. Police tried to identify the body but could not be identified. After investigation, the police took the body in possession and sent it to the civil hospital for post-mortem. Police is trying to identify the deceased. Police have registered a case against unknown accused in this case.

Inspector Nirdev Singh, SHO of Thana Tibba said that a passerby had informed the police after seeing the dead body. When the police went to the spot and saw that there are some factories around and there are empty plots in the middle. The dead body was buried under the stones in the empty plot. The age of the deceased is around 30 years and he is a Punjabi youth.

Inspector Nirdev Singh said that he had tried to identify the dead body by calling some people around but nothing of the deceased could be traced. Nearby CCTV cameras have been checked. No clue has been found in the footage so far. Nirdev Singh said that in order to reach the accused, it is necessary to identify the deceased first. If the deceased is identified, the police will soon reach his killers as well.


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