Three people attacked with knives in a single day, one dead; two injured in hospital

New Delhi:Defying all the security arrangements in Sagarpur area, three bike-borne miscreants created a ruckus in the early hours of Monday. The miscreants carried out the incidents of looting at three different places. On opposing the loot, a 74-year-old man was killed by stabbing him with a knife. At the same time, two people including an elderly were seriously injured by stabbing and escaped after looting cash and jewellery.

Police registered all the three cases of murder and looting. Through technical investigation, the police identified the miscreants involved in the incident and arrested the three miscreants after 10 hours of the incident. They have been identified as Palam resident Akshay Kumar, Sonu and Dabri Extension resident Vaibhav Srivastava. Police have recovered a knife along with watch, cash and other items from their possession.

District Deputy Commissioner of Police Manoj C said that at 5.17 a.m. the police received information about a man being stabbed in Sagarpur. Police reached the spot and immediately took the injured Jagdamba Vihar resident Ashok (54) to DDU Hospital. Initial inquiry revealed that three bike-borne miscreants stabbed and injured him when he resisted the robbery and took away his watch and purse. Ashok was discharged from the hospital after treatment.
Within 10 minutes of this incident, the police got information that Mohan Lal Chhabra (74), a resident of Durga Park near Mohan block, was stabbed. His family took him to a nearby hospital before the police arrived. Where doctors declared him dead. It was learned that the miscreants had looted gold earrings and cash from him. While the police were probing the matter, they got information about a robbery in Durga Park area after stabbing and injuring another person. He has been identified as Om Dutt Singh (76), a resident of Durgapark. The miscreants looted Rs 500 and some documents from him.
Had I gone with my son, my life could have been saved
Durgapuri resident Mohan Lal Chhabra was going to get physiotherapy done in the early hours of Monday. His son Surendra told that he was going to Janakpuri for a week for physiotherapy. Surendra, a cab driver by profession, told that he used to leave for work in the morning after dropping his father from the car. On Monday, the father told that he gets late to reach there and there is a long queue. In such a situation, he wanted to go for a walk.
Surendra told that when the father was going on foot, three bike-borne miscreants stopped him and started looting him. which he opposed. During this, the miscreants stabbed him eight times with a knife in his stomach and three times on his hand. His father fell there after getting injured.
Incident caught in CCTV camera
The incident was captured in the CCTV camera. It was seen that the bike-borne miscreants chased Mohan Lal Chhabra, who was walking, and reached him. Two miscreants got down from the bike while one was driving the bike. The miscreants asked them to stop and started looting them. On opposing which the miscreants attacked them with a sharp knife and fled from there. The police identified Akshay, the declared crook of Palam police station captured in CCTV camera. The police team raided his house and arrested him. He confessed to his involvement in the incident. The police arrested the other two miscreants on his tip. Akshay has 42 criminal cases registered against him and is a declared gangster of Palam police station.


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