“Police was trying to catch guilty Gurmeet Singh but after killing his wife he committed Suicide, the body was recovered yesterday”.

Punjab: Husband Gurmeet Singh killed her wife while making wounds with knife later commited suicide by jumping into water. The body recovered yesterday and sent to the hospital for postmortem. Villagers came to know later about this incident, the police took the body of husband to the civil hospital for postmortem. Gurmeet used knife as a killing weapon and made a cut on throat of his wife late himself committed Suicide.

Gurwinder singh the inspector said that the body found yesterday in the water works was of Gurmeet Singh the husband of Binder kaur who was missing after killing his wife. When the investigation took place police identify the person.

Inspector said that husband Gurmeet Singh killed his wife later when police was doing investigation after a complaint filed by father of his wife binder kaur at thana cantt on Tuesday, husband commited suicide. It is said that after postmortem if there will be no clue regarding the case they will close this file.


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