Four tiffin bombs and one hand grenade have been recovered from Firozpur and Jalalabad after the Jalalabad blast on 15 September. Six people have been arrested in this case.

A hand grenade has been found in a tiffin in the field of Sekhwan village of Jeera assembly constituency. Senior police officers have reached the spot after getting information. There was a plan to carry out a major incident in Jeera with the said explosive material. The police reached the spot and seized the hand grenade. The Bomb Disposal Squad has been called to defuse it.

On the other hand, after the explosive material was found, the BSF and the police have started a checking operation within a radius of fifty kilometers. It is known that after the Jalalabad blast on September 15, four tiffin bombs have been found from Firozpur and Jalalabad and now a hand grenade has been recovered from Jeera. Six people have been arrested in Jalalabad blast.

According to the police, a villager saw a tiffin in the bush in the field of village Sekhwan. Mistaking it as a tiffin bomb, he informed the police. On the spot, the DSP of Zira reached with the police party. At first it was considered a tiffin bomb. A team of members of the Bomb Disposal Squad was called in to defuse it.

When the team reached and tried to disable it, then opened the tiffin and saw it, a hand grenade was recovered from inside it. This hand grenade was brand new. Security agencies have started investigating how this grenade has reached here and who has brought it.


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