I was a teacher in a government school in Chhattisgarh. In the year 2019, Rajesh Vishwakarma’s proposal came on Jeevansathi.com. In his profile, he wrote the date of birth 1985, which is actually 1974. He described himself as a Divorcee, a non-drinker and had written an income of more than one crore. On October 24, 2019, we got married in a hotel in Raipur. All the people from my family were present at the wedding. No one came from Rajesh’s family. My family members objected, but talked about it with respect. After marriage, we stayed in a hotel in Indore for 4 days. After that he took me to his farm house. I was kept locked in a room for the first 5 days. He told me that the family members are angry with the marriage. Rajesh was fine till 15 days of marriage, after that his phase of harassment started. I didn’t have mobile. I had to talk when he was sitting in front of me. The call was on recording. Nude parties used to happen in the farm house. Even the servants used to watch. Rajesh showed me a porn movie to make a relationship in the same way. He started keeping me at the farm house without clothes. He hid the clothes after telling the servant Vipin. Now Vipin also started misbehaving with me. Rajesh would make Vipin pour cold water on me and dance without clothes in front of friends. He would stare at me while puffing a cigarette on the chair. Everyone used to rape me after the dance. Staining private and other parts of the body with cigarettes. He used to bite with his teeth. He has also made videos of this. I returned to Chhattisgarh on 16 September 2021. I had made up my mind to commit suicide but Rajesh sent two goons at home to kill me and my family members. When the matter came to the family, I gathered courage and returned to Indore. FIR was lodged by going to the police station as told by the gangrape victim.


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