In the murder case of student leader Gurlal Brar in Chandigarh in the year 2020, the Industrial Area Police Station has brought gangster Davinder Bambiha Group’s main shooter Beant from Bathinda on production warrant. The police claim that the accused can make big disclosures during interrogation. Police suspect that Chamkaur Singh alias Beant is the main shooter of the Bambiha faction.
It was with his help that the Bambiha faction got Gurlal Brar killed. According to the police, the accused was arrested by the Moga police a few months back. He has several criminal cases registered against him including murder. During interrogation, the accused had also told the Moga police that he had killed Gurlal Brar in Chandigarh.
Student leader Gurlal Brar was gunned down in an industrial area last year. The Fortuner was waiting for someone sitting in the car outside the City Emporium Mall located in Gurlal Brar Industrial Area. Two masked bike riders came near the vehicle and started firing. In this attack, Gurlal was hit on the head, chest and side, due to which he died. In this case, the police arrested two accused Gurvinder Singh and Gurmeet Singh and theirChargesheet was filed against him in Chandigarh District Court. However, both of them were arrested by the police for providing motorcycles to the shooters.
The police had also questioned gangster Dilpreet Singh Dhahan in this case by bringing him on a production warrant. He had told that Gurlal’s murder was done out of revenge. In 2017, Lavi Dayoda of Bambiha Group was murdered in Kotkapura. Gurlal was a suspect in that murder. At the same time, after the murder of Gurlal, the Bambiha group had taken responsibility for the massacre through social media. The role of Lavi’s brother Vinay Dayoda was also revealed in this murder. However, the police could not catch him.


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