BaLawan Kariwal, Chandigarh. A large part of the city’s lifeline Sukhna Lake has been hit by the American lotus. The lake water has also stopped showing towards the regulatory end. Here the American lotus has grown very big towards the bird watching point. Now only the lotus flower and its twig are visible at this end of the lake. If it is not stopped from growing, then soon it will occupy the entire lake. It will reach the boating area.

One reason for its rise is also that the water level in the lake is very low. It is now around 1155.5 feet. The condition of swamps is created due to less water. In this this lotus spreads rapidly. keeps moving forward.

The water in the lake has stopped appearing. The American lotus is spread all over. This made it difficult for the birds to find food. This is the reason that now the birds have also stopped appearing in the lake. Only a few birds are visible. Whereas local birds always used to hover over the lake.
The silt is getting accumulated at the bottom of the lake. Due to the rain, the soil is also reaching the lake along with this water. Later this soil is sitting in the lake itself as silt. Due to this the water level in the lake is decreasing. Because of this, the American lotus is growing rapidly in the lake. Due to this the water capacity in the lake is also decreasing. This is the reason that every year the lake fills up quickly and then it is drying up.


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