Amidst the exercise of referendum to shift the High Court, the question is now being raised about why a referendum is being conducted for the High Court and why this process is not being adopted for the permanent capital.

Amidst the exercise of referendum for shifting the High Court, the question is now being raised that a referendum is being conducted for the High Court, why this process is not being adopted for the permanent capital. After the formation of the state, till now the permanent capital has not been decided as to where it should be taken. In such a situation, a referendum should have been conducted for the capital, instead of it being conducted for the High Court, whereas it was decided that the High Court would be permanently established in Kumaon (Nainital). The people of Kumaon are not at all justifying the referendum for the High Court, nor are they in favor of shifting the High Court from here. He says that if there is not enough space for it in Nainital, then it can be shifted to some other area of Kumaon and not to Rishikesh or others. More land than would be available for it in Rishikesh could be available for the High Court in Ramnagar or Haldwani of Udham Singh Nagar district or Nainital district.

After the formation of the state, as per the opinion of the common people, a High Court was established in Nainital of the state. The High Court has been functioning for more than two decades, no one has faced any problem. Referendum is beyond comprehension for the High Court. If a referendum is to be held then it should be held for a permanent capital.

-Dr. Saraswati Khetwal social worker, Nainital.

The demand for a separate state of Uttarakhand from undivided UP was made only for the development of the mountains. Even after getting the state, the people of the hills are fighting for basic facilities. High level institutions should be established in the mountains only.

-Chachala Bisht, social worker

The High Court issue should be decided keeping in mind public interest. There should not be any dispute on these issues. The High Court has to be shifted from Nainital. There is NEPA Farm land between Kashipur-Ramnagar.
-Ravindra Pratap Singh, farmer leader. Kashipar

NEPA form is suitable for setting up a High Court. A referendum should also be held on permanent capital. The capital should be made permanently in Dehradun.

  • Rajeev Setia, District General Secretary, Provincial Industry and Industry Trade Delegation, Kashipur.

The vacant land between Kashipur-Ramnagar is a better option, whereas if the government wants to know the public opinion on the capital. All facilities have been arranged in Dehradun. In such a situation, Dehradun should be made the permanent capital.

-Nadeemuddin, Advocate, RTI Activist and President Tax CHR Bar Association, Kashipur

The High Court should not be shifted out of Kumaon. As for the question of the capital, a referendum should be held regarding it. This question should be resolved only after taking public opinion.

  • Rahul Gupta, student, Ravindranagar Rudrapur

In my opinion, the decision regarding the capital should be left to the government. The government should also end the repeatedly arising question regarding the capital by taking far-sighted decisions. The capital should be at a convenient place.

  • Mahesh Kandpal, Vim City, Tinpani, Rudrapur

People have different opinions on the question of capital even today, even though it has been 24 years since the formation of the state. There is nothing wrong in holding a referendum on the question of capital. The government can take a decision on this based on public opinion. Public opinion holds great importance in democracy.

  • Sunita Arya, Housing Development, Rudrapur.

When the state was formed, the capital was established in Dehradun and the High Court was established in Kumaon. When there is talk of a referendum regarding shifting of the High Court, then a referendum should be held regarding the capital also.

  • Ed.Ajay Bohra, Pithoragarh.

The issue of the permanent capital of the state has not been resolved. If the mountains are neglected in the hilly state itself, then how will there be development? Gairsain was to be made the permanent capital. There is enough space in Kumaon itself to shift the High Court.

  • Narendra Chand, former military officer

A demand was made to open AIIMS in the vacant HMT factory in Ranibagh, it was taken to Rishikesh. If AIIMS had been built here, treatment would have been available to the people of Kumaon, from the villagers bordering China and Nepal to Terai Bhabar.

  • Gopu Mehar, Convenor The mountain woke up.

Referendum is being resorted to to shift the High Court which is not right. This is not in accordance with public sentiments. A referendum was never held for making the permanent capital at Gairsain, so why is it being done now in the case of High Court shift.

  • Bhuvan Singh Kathayat, Purnagiri Transport, Tanakpur.

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