The video of a young man brutally beating and shouting slogans from Pakistan Murdabad in north-east Delhi’s Khajuri Khas area went viral on social media. Along with the video, a message went viral that the accused of rioting in north-east Delhi are intentionally beating the boys of another community brutally.When the matter came to the notice of the police, on the basis of the video playing on Twitter, a case was registered at Khajuri Special Police Station. After investigation, one of the accused Ajay Goswami (25) was arrested. Deepak Bensla, the accused who made the video, is being searched.District Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Kumar Sen said that the youth, who was seen beating in the video, had entered Ajay’s dairy with the intention of stealing. Ajay caught him red-handed. The beaten man has been involved in many cases of murder and robbery. Police is searching for Deepak.
North-East District Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Kumar Sen said that a video was going viral on social media. In the video, people claimed that the youths of other communities were intentionally beating a boy brutally. In the video, the young man was beating and picking up the other boy. Along with this, the beating man was repeatedly shouting slogans from Pakistan Murdabad.
The beaten man was apologizing again and again. The video went viral and there were questions and answers on it. Filed a lawsuit based on the video playing on Twitter. The main accused Ajay Goswami was identified. He was later arrested from the old Gadi-Mendu village.

Ajay was involved in the riots in north-east Delhi. He was currently out on bail. During interrogation, Ajay said that he had caught the boy from another community red-handed while stealing. The video of his beating was made viral by his friend Deepak. Police is searching for Deepak.


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