Geetanjali Pandit speaking on education

Geetanjali Pandit is a famous name associated with her motivational speaking and influential writings. She is the author of one of the best selling books of 2017-18 “Buddha At Work” published by Hachette’s. Originally an human resource expert, she is best in influencing others. her writings on various great publishing houses like DNA, Deccan etc have been viralled.

Recently she was interviewed by Lead Speakers, a channel on YouTube. Here she revealed four secrets of living a happy life. She explained using teachings of Lord Buddha but it was so much practical, she gave her life experiences to describe the true meaning of Happiness.

Public Speaker “Geetanjali Pandit”

Talking about her book, it is on the teachings of Gautam Buddha in a practical manner to attain happiness, balance and positive change in the workplace.


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