Chandigarh: Teams raided the hostels of Punjab University in the middle of the night . During this time , locks of rooms of more than ten students were found. These students have been missing for some days without telling them . They do not know we’re they are gone. His record is being viewed . If these students come back , they will have to show the covid test certificate etc . The PU administration is preparing to issue notice to them. At the same time , students have logged a protest against this raid . Some students go at night and come back at morning in the hostel. Police , PU administration officials , wardens etc. The team suddenly go to the No. Three , five and six room at two o’clock in the night , in which boys are living . PU officials suspect that they go out at night . They are being investigated . PU says it you all are cannot go out in the lockdown , if you go out you will inform the warden .


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