“India is a land of rich mythology and Culture and it has many things which can be displayed to promote spirituality and that helps to influence people”

List below are some of the best hindi mythology movies that every person must watch :-

°JAI SANTOSHI MAA:- It is 1975 hindi mythological movie directed by Vijay Sharma and it based on the daughter of Lord Ganesh’s “Santoshi Maa ” As, the movie depicts the immense devotion of true devotee of Santoshi maa i.e ‘Satyavati’. As, Satyavati in the film is featured as a true follower of Santoshi maa . However, the other goddesses being angry that the Goddess Santoshi is so powerful so they decided to examine her preservance by making the life miserable of Satyavati . Additionally, the movie is all time blockbuster and considered as the best devotional movie .

° SAMPOORNA RAMAYANAM :- It is a 1961 India’s historical hindi language film directed by Babubhai Mistry. The entire movie is baesd upon the Indian epic ‘Ramayana’ written by Valmiki. The film portrays the entire life of Shri Ram, Sita, Laxman and Hanuman. The mythological story has been beautifully and perfectly portrayed in the movie.

° MAHABHARAT:- The film is directed by Babubhai Mistri. It is a 1965 hindi language adventure fantasy film . The movie is based on epic Mahābhārata. Moreover, The cast includes Abhi Bhattacharya ,Pradeep Kumar , Dara Singh, Padmini ,Tiwari and Jeevan . However, the interesting fact is that the title song was sung by Mohammed Rafi. The major parts of the epic is covered in this movie as the epic is very enormous.

°MAHABALI HANUMAN :- It is 1981 movie which is good for children as in this movie Lord Hanuman’s all the happenings in his life since childhood to adulthood has been described . Moreover, He is represented as the most loyal and selfless God among all and depicted as best example of true frndship.

° Char Dham:- A movie directed by Uday shankar pani in 1998 is completely based on the belief that the person who visits all the four sacred places in the four directions of Indian subcontinent in his lifetime, will be free from all his bad deeds. So, to promote this belief, the movie showcases an example of a person who got rid of his miseries by visiting these places. The cast includes pooja Ghai, Alok Nath , Anjana Mumtaz ,Deepak Deulkar and many more.


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