The little boy from Chhattisgarh became an overnight star after a clip of him singing Bachpan Ka Pyaar gone viral on social media.

However, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel felicitated the internet sensation Sahdev Dirdo who has sung ‘ Bachpan ka pyar’

As per the sources, Sahdev Dirdo singing Bachpan Ka Pyaar was shot two years ago at his school after his teacher requested him to voice the track. Cut to 2021, Sahdev’s video has gone crazy viral on social media, in all probability, after rapper Badshah created a remix of the little boy’s version of the song and shared it on Instagram earlier this month

However, Bhupesh Baghel the CM of the state through his social media, shared a short video wherein he was seen with Sahdev Dirdo.

Moreover, The CM encouraged the boy and asked him to sing Bachpan Ka Pyaar after congratulating him.

Apart from this, Many memes and reels have been uploaded on social media. Moreover, several celebrities is contributing to it.


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