The Madhuri’s debutante film “Bucket list” resolves around house wives. Despite all the potential, the housewife in a family often suffers from the responsibility of the households. They enjoy their happiness in the happiness of the house and the households. Sometimes she forgets her personal existence-her personality … they forget that they also have some aspirations, she often forgot to feel her emotions. In fact, she does not feel bad about it. Because she did not have her own ‘Bucket List’ (the list of wishes to complete her life). Her bucket list is only to accomplish the dreams of her children, husband and her mother-in-law.

Madhukara Sane (Madhuri Dixit) in ‘Bucket List’ is a normal house wife feels exactly same as other wives do to make her family happy. This comes with a daily routine of taking one vegetable in four ways, to comply it with a taste of all family members. She is also fully-satisfied, … but one day suddenly her life comes to a place, where she sought to fulfill the bucket list of heart donor Sai as such She runs a sports bike, she goes to the pub, blows to the riot, dresses the shorts, keeps the style. From the age of twenty-one to the oldest women, whatever she started doing everything that go against traditions.

Now, who is this Sai, why does she come to Madhura’s life and Why Madhura wanted to complete the bucket list of her? If such questions have been asked, the answers will be found only in the theater, and there will be a great entertainment too.

The Madhuri film has a strong team of Marathi artists – Sumit Raghavan (Madhura’s husband), Vandana Gupte – Pradeep Velankar (Madhura’s mother-in-law), Ila Bhate – Dilip Prabhavalkar (Madhura’s parents), Renuka Shahane-Milind Fatek Mother-father). All these artists have mastered in their pivotal roles. But they are specially remembered, that Shubha is false. Madhuri’s Azay Sagra’s Agesagala played an attractive role. Silk Tipi also accompanied by a friend of Madhuri. All of these brothers of Sai’s brother (Sumedh Mudgalkar) and other friends of Sai have also enjoyed a lot … and Madhura? Madhuri played a good role in Marathi debut. But there is definitely no role that Madhuri cannot do.

The creation of the film is great and it is obvious because of of Karan Johar, the technical parts of the film are also good. Direction by Tejas Vijay Deoskaris mind blowing. Songs are OK too. Overall film is joyful and entertaining in all respect.

Rating – 4 out of 5


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