Safety is most important aspect, if you want to live in an independent country. We all knew that our country is facing many challenges to make it crime free. Million of people across country face at least one crime. The crime may be related to murder, theft, rape etc. Team Humari Baat reached 7 million people in 3500 cities and towns of India to know top five unsafest and safest cities in India.

Formula used Number of Crime Reports as per NCRB+CitizenFeedback/Population of the city * 100

Here are the five unsafest cities in India in 2018

No 5 is Nagpur – The Orange city of India is witnessing a hike in crime rate. The city is having 25 lakhs population but the city ranked tenth according to NCRB in Murders. City is also witnessing higher rape cases. People feels quite unsafe while walking in night.

No 4 is Pune – More dangerous than Mumbai and Nagpur is Pune. Pune’s is unsafe both in daylight and night because It flashes number three in murders, number nine in rape and small riots are highest in southern India.

No 3 is Gurgaon –Most developing state of Haryana is pacing high in crimes. Every tenth rape case is from Gurgaon and every fifth or sixth murder case is from the IT city. The stats are raising a question that why development of city has to compromise with crime and nature.

No 2 is Bhopal – The city was number 2 swacchta survekshan 2018 but the city lacks in people with clean hearts. Bhopal people are not at all happy with crimes in the city. Increase in number of murder cases, theft, rapes and riots has fed up the people of the city. The city ranks two as per NCRB in crime against women and home violence.

No 1 is Delhi – Every second crime news is from Delhi, the center lacks in good administration. But the city ranks 1 in Rape cases, murders, attacks and many more as NCRB. Our capital is facing challenge because the police is not that much trained and skilled says the citizens of Delhi.

Here are the five safest cities in India

No 5 is Mumbai – Mumbai is fifth most safe place because a city with highest population has compared very less number of crime cases. People are cool and tend to be very much cooperative as compared to Delhi.

No 4 is Karnal – You will feel amazed by seeing this city in the list. Karnal is one the most developed city of Haryana. Unlike Gurgaon, the city is safe in all the major aspects.

No 3 is Ahmedabad – The most charismatic city of Gujarat is at number four because the statement is very true that you will see many girls roaming on the road at late night. It will make you sure that why the city is 3rd most safe place in India.

No 2 is Lucknow –Another amazing city that enters the list of safest cities is Lucknow. With the help from twitter and social media Police is able to make strong steps in replicating crime and hence Lucknow is another safe city in India.

No 1 is Chandigarh – Though there is a bit increase in crime ratio of neighboring cities like Mohali and Panchkula, but the city is still onto the top of being happiest city because of sole one reason discipline maintained by administration among both people and police


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