In the past year, two shows who were holding their own league in the race of daily soaps were two Mythological shows of colors. They are Mahakali – Anth hi Aarambh hai and Karm Faldata Shani. Mahakali is one serial that is having a huge following on social media and TV. It is first ever dedicated series on TV. Its impact is amazing, means at one point in time it was the most popular show on Indian Television. Many polls and TRP reports made it numero uno fiction show on TV. Karamfaldata Shani is another serial that is favorite among many viewers.

But social media is really upset with colors nowadays as they are fearing for colors cutting Mahakali show. By the way, they have off aired Shani on March 9, 2018 for no reasons. Mahakali who is receiving very good TRP may not be off aired the way Shani was.

Fans are speaking such things on twitter

Fans are not interested in looking at soaps having romantic flavor with Saas Bahu masala. Mahakali is something exceptional and it mesmerized viewers with spiritual sugar, moral spice, and action heat. If we talk about scriptures, Mahakali serial has shown only one forth story of the goddess. While the writer Utkarsh has stated that

So What fans should do now?

    • Make a social media Twitter account
    • add genuinely 100k plus followers to it and
    • continuously protest against the channel through it.
    • let the media knew the problem and highlight it on their portals.
    • Let the channel feel the power of Goddess Mahakali



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