Prem Granth is an Indian Hindi-language picture based on Thomas Hardy’s English novel Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Prem Granth was released on 22 May 1996. The movie starred Late actor Rishu Kapoor and actress Madhuri Dixit . Moreover, Directed by Rajiv Kapoor and produced by Randhir Kapoor. The movie cast includes Shammi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, Madhuri Dixit , Anupam Kher ,Om Puri and many more.
The film is engaged with the subject of rape.

The Kapoor’s film depicts purity, villainy, romance, love, mother’s love, social evils, feminist rhetoric in Indian (desi ) attire.

The producer (Randhir Kapoor ) calls it, “a classic RK film”. Rishi Kapoor, the son of a Brahmin priest, falls in love with the daughter of a tribal . Therefore,love across the different religion and class has been changed to love across the caste division.

The theme of Prem Granth film based on the sexual exploitation of low-caste women and greedy mahants and religious hypocrisy; and untouchability.

Additionally, The songs are melodious and are not only the fillers but at the same time they even carry the story forward.

It has been observed that the audience liked the performance of the actor’s in the film as the best performance was given by Madhuri Dixit in terms of acting , dancing and was appreciated by the audience . However, somewhere the public is not satisfied with the editing.

In today’s scenario ; if these kinds of movies releases if would be a big hit and put more impact on the audiences.

Apart from this, Recently, Madhuri Dixit relives memories of ‘Prem Granth’ on 25th anniversary of the film and shares few pictures of those days.


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