A day earlier, the reaction of actress Kangana Ranaut has come to the fore after the convoy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was stopped by the protesters in Punjab. Kangana on Thursday reacted to PM Modi’s security breach by sharing a post on social media, calling it ‘shameful’ and an ‘attack on democracy’. She also said that Punjab is becoming a hub for terrorist activities.
She said that attack on PM is attack on every Indian, representative and voice of 140 crore people. It is an attack on our democracy. Punjab is becoming a hub for terrorist activities. If we don’t stop them now, then the country will have to pay a big price.
Raju Srivastava surrounded the Congress on PM Modi’s security breach. Raju Srivastava said in the video, “Remember, there is silence in the whole forest, when the lion of that forest gets injured from inside. Hey Congressmen, you cannot harm Modi ji, because Modi ji is blessed with Guru Nanak Dev, Baba Vishwanath’s blessings. In the caption of this video, Raju wrote, “Congress people don’t defame Punjab.”
Apart from this, another video of Raju has also surfaced, in which he is calling Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi as ‘opiumchi’. Raju says, “You can deceive with the lion, not the competition. This is the chief minister of Pakistan’s opium, Chhawni…..Channi.” PM’s convoy halted for 20 minutes, tell that in view of the 2022 assembly elections, Ferozepur.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally was held on 5 January (Wednesday). This rally was to start the BJP’s election campaign in Punjab. Along with this, Prime Minister Modi also had to lay the foundation of a project worth crores. But, the farmers blocked the roads opposing the Prime Minister. BJP workers were also not allowed to reach the rally venue. The farmers argued and clashed with them, due to which the police had to lathi-charge. Many BJP workers were injured in this lathi charge. On the other hand the Prime Minister was coming to rally but his rally had to be canceled at the last moment. At the same time he had to return by way, because the road was closed in Bathinda. Due to the closure of the road, his convoy was stuck on the highway for about 20 minutes. Where the PM stayed, that place is located only a few km away from the Pakistan border. Due to this, there is resentment in the BJP camp. Politics has heated up on this issue because CM Channi also refused to come to the rally on the last occasion citing the reason for the increase in the Corona case. Also, even when the PM’s convoy was trapped, his cooperation was not found.


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