shame on star plus trending

Daily soaps and TV serials have become an integral part of the household. The viewership mainly includes Indian women. No matter whether these are working women or not, they are the loyal viewers of these daily soaps. But things got changed when this noon “SHAME ON STAR PLUS” was trending?

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Why “SHAME ON STAR PLUS” is trending?

Star Plus is one of the best daily entertainment channels in India. It is presenting many popular daily soaps like Pandya Store, Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein, Anupama, and many others. The Twitter users are angry because they are plotting women’s characters in a negative way in these soaps. Viewers are mostly talking about Ghum Hai Kisike Pyar Mein but also are referring to other series as well.

Look what users are tweeting?

Humari Baat’s Take on this

Now Indian Audiences are mature enough, they have enough content to watch. Thanks to OTT platforms many audiences left watching Broadcast TV shows. Team Humari Baat advises all the TV Channels to show the best content. The content on Saas-Bahu is enough and Outdated, don’t load it like a Cheese Burst Pizza, because viewers can not digest it daily.


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