Kolkata beauty Soumi Chowdhury, Finalist of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide

Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide is the destination of natural beauty. A platform that recognises the exemplary strength and distinctive personality of married women, Mrs India World wide pageant takes pride in the wives and mothers of India. An initiative of SHRI SAI ENTERTAINMENTS PRIVATE LIMITED, Mrs India WorldWide has been revolutionsing the beauty pageant industry by forging a new kind of model that seamlessly brings together the contestants, designers, groomers, trainers, and media professionals with a single purpose of empowering women since 2008.

Mr Bharat K. Bhramar (chairman of Haut Monde Mrs India Worldwide) Message

The mission is to catalyse, transform, and empower women in India by providing a unique, central, and progressive platform that allows them to harness their talents and unleash their potential by incorporating the virtues of consistency, integrity, and passion.

Haut Monde Mrs India worldwide has given her that platform, where even after fulfilling all the responsibilities of life, Soumi has found a way for fulfilling her wishes.

After a long wait, standing at the doorstep of fulfilling her childhood wishes, it is time to touch her wishes finally. This pageant gives wings to the dreams of Indian women. From 27th February to 2nd March, orientation was done in Dehradun, with photoshoots, grooming sessions, etc. The Grand Finale of the contest will be held in Ras – Al Khaimah in the month of July.

After her marriage, Soumi moved to Bangalore. One fine day, suddenly, she came across the news of Haut Monde Mrs India worldwide. Her childhood wishes started retreating again, and she started the process of gathering information about the contest.

Soumi has not left her dreams even amongst various engagements in life. She was born and brought up in Kolkata and will be representing East zone.

In this pageant, there are 130 contestants from all around the world. Soumi will be participating from the East zone, Kolkata. After marriage, as Soumi moved out of Kolkata, she somewhere lost the way to be happy in the crowd of daily chores. That happy place has been returned to her by this platform. Soumi says that each of the stones in the crown of the winner is a sign of hard work and the support of family, friends, and mostly her groomer, Mrs Shailza Suri. She idolises Sushmita Sen.

Soumi opines that every woman possesses the strength of Durga Maa. Life is a collection of experiences to her, and that’s why every day, just like flipping pages of books, she wants to build herself up differently.

Besides being a teacher for a long time, she also arranged for academic councils. When schools were shut during the pandemic, Soumi wanted to do something more. She learned dancing from her childhood days. That’s why she started an online dance academy, The Future Hat.

Four fields are mainly stressed – mind, health, personality, and future skills. Everyone should have an aim in life. Everyone cannot stand beside everyone, but if a single person can support another person, this society will also change. There’s only one life, and that’s why Soumi thinks about how to use life fully.

During the pandemic, Soumi stood beside housewives. In her institute, about 500 children are taught by different women. Many of them were not comfortable in facing the camera. Soumi trained them herself. Soumi believes that every person has a talent, and Soumi has taken up the responsibility of digging that out. And along with these, Soumi’s dream is to bring the title of the winner of Mrs India to Kolkata so that she can stand beside many other such women through her work.

Reach Her at https://www.facebook.com/soumichowdhuryMrsIndiaWorldwide/


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