Roohi Sidhu an event manager

Meet an Aspiring Event Entrepreneur Roohi Sidhu, who started her career in modeling

Mumbai. Meet Roohi Sidhu and who is an entrepreneur and an event manager by profession. She started her career when she was 5 years old. She always had an interest in modelling and always wanted to pursue it as her career option. She had done shoots with many different brands such as Puma, Audi, and many more. While shooting for the puma advertisement, She got a chance to work with Virat Kohli.

She had a great plan of pursuing modelling career as her priority and everything was going well but then corona came and suddenly everything started to have a major downfall which affected her career really bad. The entertainment industry was shut down and She was affected by that news badly.

But then we say Time heals everything. She started to dig herself up and found that except modelling She have many other talents such as make-up skills, dancing, UI/UX skills, and event management skills. She learned that She has an interest in event management more than anything, so She decided to pursue event management as her main career.

She started from a very basic step which was to find a perfect place or lead which can help her in finding more and more events, She got the lead and started working on it. She got her first ever wedding event and She started learning more about this industry. Then She got more and more events such as weddings and many launch events.

She got her first ever huge event that was with Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. It was a book launch event which happened in Hotel Marriot, Jaipur. Her team was the one that handled the whole event, it was a long process that was at least 2 to 3 weeks long and it was a successful event.

Working as an event manager She had to keep every update on the top trends for the events. The best part of being an event manager was that one can express his or her creativity and imagination in real form and you don’t have any kind of boundations.

Her main aim is to become one of the best and most preferred event manager, which will take a lot of time but the result of this hard work will be the best payout of her life. This industry has given me many best opportunities that maybe She never have gotten in any other field.

Event management doesn’t mean pain-free income. There is a myth that event management isn’t really for ladies. She would personally agree that event management is an excellent professional choice for ladies since it works out easily for them. Simply protect yourself.

In the end, She said that pick any profession that you want to do and that will likewise assist you with getting by in this world. Get some margin to think. There is no restriction to thoughts and potential outcomes.


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