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Maaveeran Review: Coward to Veeran… Adjustment to Action… Did Maaveeran do magic? First Class Screen Review!

Here you can find the review of the film ‘Maaveeran’, which has been released with lots of great expectations, The Film is starring Sivakarthikeyan.

Maaveeran Film Review: ‘Maaveeran’, one of the most awaited films, is directed by Madonne Ashwin. This film is having the actor Sivakarthikeyan and actress Aditi Shankar in a lead roles. Actress Saritha, Mysskin, and Yogi Babu are playing the main characters in this film. Bharat Shankar composed the music for the film. Following is the critical review of the film ‘Maveeran’, released today with great expectations.

The plot of Maaveeran 2023

The film revolves around the real hero who is fighting for the rights of the people and saving the people from various problems.

The indigenous people who have been living in Chennai for a long time are being removed from the city for development and shifted to “People’s House” flats. As a source of corruption, there are daily problems in the low-quality apartments, because they built apartments with no guarantee of life. One can lose his or her life at any moment. Sivakarthikeyan, a comic cartoonist who has no courage to live and adjust to these issues, tries to commit suicide over this issue. Then he bravely clashes with Myshkin, who becomes the minister of the department with his political power.

People see him as a hero. Will he be able to protect the people to become a hero? Has he lost the battle for people’s rights? To see what happens next go and watch the film.

How about the Performances?

Usually, Sivakarthikeyan impresses us as our homeboy, lively and action hero. Next to him, the character of Minister Myshkin, who is ‘Edupar’s henchman’, is endearing. But his villainy ends up being just a build-up. Also, Yogi Babu’s comedy scenes have worked out well. Otherwise, Sarita and Aditi Shankar’s characters are used for the story but there are no big scenes.

How is the Maaveeran film?

Madon Ashwin drew attention to the importance of voting through the film Mandela, this film spoke about the issue of indigenous people. But the viewers also see the problem in a fun mode as the comedy screenplay is set in the first half without stressing it.

It is true that the story travels with lively visuals throughout the first half, but turns serious in the second half without much impact but good screenplay. Vijay Sethupathi’s voice in the film, which sounds awful, makes the film more interesting, but at some point it becomes boring. Typically, if gets superpower, then heroes in Tamil cinema will turn the mountain.

But it is not believable that he is begging to save his life without being able to threaten the villain Miskin to solve people’s problems without fully understanding the superpower within him. In other words, it can be said that the second half of the screenplay has been written for the commercial image of Sivakarthikeyan. Similarly, Bharat Shankar’s background music is enjoyable.

The movie Maaveeran is not acceptable as it is not a story about how people can solve their problems, but it only tells about the existence of problems till the end. If you go to see Maaveeran without watching Logic, you can enjoy it once. All in all, The Film is worth watching for only entertainment purposes…!

Maaveeran Film Ratings – 3/5


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