MAdhuri Joined TikTok

When Indian soldiers are standing on the border for LAC issue with China, but here are many Bollywood actors and actresses who are using TikTok, the Chinese app. Many people from the industry have been trolled by social media for doing such things. But it was not expected for someone like Madhuri Dixit. She is one of the greatest actresses ever. She is always known for her dignity, family values, and a knowledgeable Bollywood personality. She is one rare actress who always keeps her distance from controversies. But her appearance on TikTok had People started looking at her with skeptical eyes.

Madhuri had influenced many and her fans are mad for her. No other female actress has ever seen as much stardom that she has enjoyed. But today many fans of her not liked this act of her. Her fans do not like her appearance for two reasons. One reason is that the TikTok app belongs to China and another reason is that she has a class and her appearance on TikTok does not suit her stature.

Payal Rastogi Tweeted about Madhuri Dixit
Payal Rastogi Tweeted about Madhuri Dixit

Actually a few days back she appeared on TikTok and Payal Rastogi told her followers through a tweet about her presence over TikTok, when there arose tension between India and China.

Though, many of her fans came into the support but many others showed their anger.

Not only Payal’s followers, but few fans of Madhuri also disliked this act of Madhuri.

Team Humari Baat personally feels that few international conflicts can be sorted by the help of common men, especially if the country is the biggest market in the world. We can help our military a lot. Many think that it is a government initiative. You remember the time when the Indian Government banned porn. People even protested that. Boycotting Chinese products through government will increase border troubles. If we boycott it from our end it will surely nail China’s ego because we are its consumers.

Madhuri Dixit

Stars like Madhuri Dixit are top-notch public figures and if they do or endorse something, more people will incline towards it. Talking about Madhuri Dixit, we also like her as an actress. She should maintain her dignity and grace. All Indians love Madhuri but she should also return that love in the form of respect towards Indian Soldiers by boycotting Chinese products.


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