2019 ended with the evolution of Covid 19. It shook entire world. This virus had been evolved in Wuhan city of China, initiated the dance of death right from its first day, slowly it spreaded across whole world. India, CAA-NRC bill was passed in India. Due to many lies, Left and Muslims just opposed it and many from them initiated violent revolution. Not only this, Iran and US conflict, many earth quakes, storms, cyclones and tsunami might result into mass destruction. In true sense we can say that year 2020 is the year of destruction. Here are few disasters, riots, violent revolutions and devastation of 2020 which shook whole human race in such a way that never happened before. Few are predicting a big earthquake to come in Delhi.

Coronavirus Pandemic

Impact of Coronavirus on Lifestyle
Impact of Coronavirus on Lifestyle

Human race was busy in development. What UK, what US, what India, what Japan, A virus evolved in China which till date took more than 3,93,000 deaths across world. It has impacted more than 6.5 million people. Though it is just a virus that causes regular cough, illness and respiratory disorder but it is dangerous because of its contagious and communicable properties. It has new pathogens hence it is called Novel Coronavirus. Moreover no Vaccine for it is available.

Conflicts occurring between many countries

Heads of Indian and China
Heads of Indian and China

Be it US and Iran or India and China, conflict between two countries is always dangerous. It may lead to war. A war is always devastating for all. In January there were tensions between Iran and US, while currently there is border tension between India and China. On 3 January 2020, the U.S. assassinated the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani with an airstrike in Iraq. This incurred age old tensions between these two countries. World countries started blaming China for Coronavirus. So it is assumed that to deviate world’s attention from blaming China, China started generating other issues like South China Sea issues with US, Hong Kong Issue and most importantly LAC Issues with India. China forgot that this is not India of 1962. It is developed India of 2020. India with full aggression is answering all its Hooliganism.

2020 is the year of Natural Disasters too

Earthquake in Delhi
BIG Earthquake in Delhi

2020 is the year of Natural Disasters too Earthquakes, storms, cyclones and tsunamis have come in almost all parts of the world. They are coming twice and thrice at same place. In Delhi itself, Earthquake has come for four times consecutively. In India, There has been coastal cyclones in Bengal and Maharashtra, natural fire in Pauri region of Uttarakhand.

It feels that Nature wants to punish Human Race. Nature is punishing everyone irrespective of caste, race, land, nation, status etc. Its only measure is to improve our lifestyle in accordance with mother nature. But the way mother elephant had died, monkey’s in HP are being killed and they way cows are being slaughtered, It seems that humans can never be improved. Many geologists are predicting a big earthquake to come in Delhi.


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