Recently in a song (judgmental hai kya) launch, a media professional “Justin” and the Queen actress Kangana misbehaved with each other. The journalists and media group demanded an apology from the actress. On the other side Kangana Ranaut said she was provoked and what ever she said is not wrong, so media guild decided to block and ignore Kangana Ranaut.

But Public especially her fans supported Kangana. They initiated a trend called #WeStandWithKanganaRanaut. It is trending on top of all the social media platforms.

Even people are blaming Bollywood that no one has come to support Kangana. They consider Kangana is fully right and feel media groups being paid by rivals of Kangana Ranaut to make this strategy.
Look at the embedded posts on social media.


But Ekta Kapoor has asked sorry in writing being a producer of the film.

But People are trolling media and reply Ekta that Kangana is innocent and media should apologize to her and Kangana.

When Justin (Media) will apologize being to public who are demanding an apology on his misbehavior?


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