wildlife conservation be equally important

Today India is 5th largest economy in the world. India is the new age IT hub. Technology driven India is making altogether a new India. But on the course of development , India must not forget the value of nature and its resources. Nature has always been kind to India. India is the only country where one will find both tropical rain forests and desert. Here we have great Himalayan ranges along, also we have moist coastal regions. We have Islands like Andaman, Nicobar and we are having grasslands too.

The problem is that such natural habitats are shrinking this is making a direct impact as it decreases the population of wild animals overall. Growing population of human beings in rural India and growing number of industries near forests region are the major reasons.

What if forests and wildlife, will not be preserved?

Man made disaster in Uttarakhand
Man made disaster in Uttarakhand

Impact of Deforestation

Due to cutting of huge number of strong rooted trees, soil erosion is happening. It ultimately brings to floods in rural areas. Not only floods, soil erosion causes too drought because soil loses its essential nutrients that stops natural reproduction of trees, grasslands and plants. It also causes in deficiency of food among herbivores animals. Heavy rains in both tropical and deciduous forests creates natural ponds in the forests because tree roots either absorbs them or give water a direction to get collected at sloppy regions in the forest. Without food and water sources, herbivores animals like elephants and wild boar, gets compelled to use human made sources for food and water. Carnivores animals like leopards and tigers get depended on cattle and even human flesh. It increases conflicts between humans and animals. Many animals die due to lack of forest resources especially from food and water.

Man Made Disaster in Bihar
Supaul: A village inundated by flood water near Kunauli Panchayat in Supaul District of Bihar on Monday.
Credit: PTI Photo(PTI7_25_2016_000172B) *** Man Made Disaster in Bihar ***

Bihar, Uttar Pradesh have witnessed flood because of this reason only. Conflict between humans and animals is evident in Uttrakhand. Who can forgot the devastation in Uttrakhand due to flood through Ganges.

Impact of Poaching

Poaching is still prevalent in India. Indian government has taken good steps in conserving wild animals. But still these steps are not making any fear among poachers. Capital punishment or any other strong punishment should be enforced to create a direct fear among the poachers. Poaching directly impacts the universal population of animals. It is making an imbalance in ecosystem.

Impact of Corridors Conflict

Corridors are very crucial for wildlife because these corridors help the wild animals to reach out to their regular resources. Human’s interference in these corridors calls in for trouble for these animals. Though Supreme Court of India has favored Elephants for Nilgiri corridors by sealing restaurants and other amenities near the corridors. But still there are more than 500 corridors in India out of which 101 are meant for elephants only. 60 to 70 are regular passages for Tigers. In Kolkata there are many cases where trains often kill many elephants through their accidents on the corridors having railway lines. Not only in Kolkata, same situation is there in Kerala, Uttarakhand and many other states.

What should be our duty?

The earth is not only humans property. It belongs to all. We have to accept that every creature is important. Killing of any animal just for sake of entertainment is not right at all. Even if you are killing an animal for sake of food, you must think that whose population is more. Unnecessary killing or cutting of any animal or plant or tree may lead to ecological imbalance.

  • Elephants and species like them are lords of a jungle. They nourishes, help trees to reproduce by carrying seeds from one place to another. They create pathways and trees get nourishment from its dung. They dig holes and find salts that are used by other animals.
  • Trees and herbs are like root operators of the jungle. They inhale carbon dioxide and releases oxygen that is used by other living beings.
  • Herbivores Animals eat these herbs and maintain the emergence toxic nitrogenous components.

So we need to conserve our planet mates if want to conserve ourselves. Without trees and animals, human can not survive too.


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