The Bigg Boss 11th season is the most controversial. This season was too much highlighted with “Bigg Boss giyara mein bajenge sabke baraa, baraa, baraa.” It has been proved right. Twelve commoners and six celebrities entered the lavish house of Bigg Boss. Still from the beginning, Shilpa Shinde got the attention by entering in the house with Vikas Gupta. They began their journey as rival. During their enmity, Shilpa even tried to impluse Vikas into a fight by saying, “Aapne kaha tha na, season 11 sabke bajenge barah barah barah.” Vikas replied, “Mere? Aapne to pure channel ke barah bajae the.

Even the channel know itself that Shilpa and Vikas would definitely give the channel what they wanted i.e. controversies and a lot of drama. In their entire journey they form a love and hate relationship. Shilpa was considered as a villain of house when she vigorously irritated Vikas and made his life miserable. But, emerged as a ‘Maa’ later. She kept maintaining her image throughout the season. Her journey remind us of Bigg Boss 8 winner Gautam Gulati. He too had played his game like alone wolf, and had entertained viewers throughout.

We cannot ignore Vikas at the same time. From a lost boy to a game changer, he proved his strengths throughout the season. With his smartness and strategies, he continuously managed to save himself. He was confident in the beginning about his win, but now he said, “When I saw the huge fan following of Shilpa Shinde and Hina. I have to say it is going to be very tough for me.”

Hina is among those contestants who worked really hard to become the winner but on twitter she was trolled by fans calling her ‘Mohalley ki Aunty’. She made controversial statements against her rival Shilpa, but at the same time she is strongest contender. But what brought down Shilpa in the eyes of her fans, was her under performance in luxury budget and captaincy task. There were many times that she let go the chance of becoming the captain of the house. Her decision of voting out Hiten Tejwani brought her the criticism. She was mocked by Hina Khan in the recent press conference as she said , “if cooking is the only skill one required to win people’s heart, even I could have learnt it before coming to the show.” both Vikas and Hina are trying to create hatred among the fans of Shilpa. But, her strong character and fan following will definitely make her to win the race. Calling Shipla a call girl damaged complete reputation of Hina Khan.

Who will be the Winner of BiggBoss 11 as per HumariBaat Survey?

Lot’s of predictions are keep going about the winner. But, Shilpa is winning heart of audience with her intelligence and caring nature, Vikas with his strategic skills and Hina with her competitive qualities. The wait will end soon when the winner will be announced soon.

Wishing them a very good luck!


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