Roop – Mard Ka Naya Swaroop is one rare male centric daily soap

Male chauvinist society does not harm only femininity, but it is threat to masculinity also. One daily soap “Roop” is reflection of this theology. The daily soap is making waves in audience mind. It is always believed that a man is strong from both inside and outside. He takes risks, always indulge in physical activities. Emotions are only attributed to femininity. They can not cry, they do not possess feelings to play delicate games. The story of the daily soap starts when a father who is in police wishes to have strong male child but he got kid who is very much soft hearted, likes to play with sister dolls and possess emotions, who loves her sisters the most, but for their happiness he can take on anyone.

Affan Khan Playing Roop
Affan Khan Playing Roop

Roop is showcasing entirely different perspective of society, in which man is the one who standing against male dominating evils. He liberates not only femininity but also other males. Roop character is being played by Shashank Vyas, who has already played Jagdish in Balika Bahu. He has already done justice to his previous role showcasing powerful acting skills, hope he will do justice to the character too.

While Affan Khan has portrayed best role as a kid Roop. His wonderful screen presence and dialogue delivery molded entire cinematography and obviously great TRP.


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